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At long last I no longer have to worry about my accounts.  Practically Perfect collect everything up and get it all ready for my accountant.  They even remind me when it's time to do them. It's so easy I don't know why I didn't do it years ago, it would have saved me a lot of head-aches and late nights as the tax-man's deadlines always seem to catch me unawares. 
Self-Employed, Gloucestershire.

I am a terrible hoarder but have never really wanted to be one - it sort of crept up on me.  I booked Practically Perfect and Loo came along and was firm but fair.  I had been worried before we started that I would be bullied or shamed into getting rid of everything, but it wasn't a complete chuck out at all. Together we decided what I needed, what I wanted (which weren't the same!) and what I should never really have kept.  In amongst all the things I had under beds and at the back of cupboards we found my passport (MIA for 6 months), my brother's guitar and the ownership documents for my car.  The house feels fantastic now almost twice the size - I know where things are and no longer have an urge to keep everything just-in-case. It has saved me a fortune too as I now don't have to buy more secateurs or Christmas cards or tights or anything as I know where mine are. 
Reformed Hoarder, Gloucestershire.


Moving from Manhattan to Long Island to Connecticut with three children under three in 7 weeks was an impossible task I was terrified of.....and then Loo came along and made it happen so seamlessly, thank you.
Fine art specialist, Connecticut.

I used to spend hours searching for things. Practically Perfect has revolutionised my life so that everything is now at my fingertips and I am inspired to stay organised and in control of my life and possessions!
Author's wife, Gloucestershire.

When we moved in together we ended up with two of everything and couldn't decide what to keep. Loo's organisational skills are second to none - she helped us finally let go of the clutter that we didn't need. She then took it all away and we even ended up getting some money from the things she sold - it was as if the fairies had been! If we move again, she will be the first person we call.
De-cluttered, Berkshire.

Without Loo helping me sort out our chaotic attics, movin house would have been excrutiating.  It was so much easier without all those boxes, some of which had been there from the last time we moved!
De-cluttered, Berkshire.Working Mother, Wiltshire.

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